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Independent Living Solutions

Working across industries to help deliver enhanced care by harnessing the combined potential of circadian light technology and advanced AI monitoring.

Collaborative design

Effective independence solutions

Our circadian lighting and home monitoring solutions have been co-designed with care professionals and technology experts for the healthcare sector and are based on the latest research, ensuring both safety and efficacy in all we offer.


Our mission is to help individuals live independently for longer. We work with councils, care homes, home care providers and individuals to improve care by integrating the latest technology.

Two business people in conversation over a laptop
Two elderly people in the kitchen smiling whilst cooking

Home care

Helping people live independently for longer

Most people want to retain their independence and enjoy living, not just focus on surviving. Our monitoring systems are designed to help people live independently for longer, by regulating day/night cycles, improving cognition and engagement, reducing the likelihood of falls and monitoring wellbeing, all in one easy to install solution.  

Dementia care

Alleviate the impacts of sundowning

Disruption to sleep/wake cycles can cause a person with dementia to have increased confusion, anxiety & agitation in the evening. This sundowning can make it difficult for them to communicate their needs or understand their surroundings and can also lead to wandering, causing additional stress for carers.

Improving the circadian rhythm and monitoring wellbeing with Circadacare’s technology can alleviate the impacts of sundowning, reduce disruptions to sleep/wake cycles and improve dementia care.

Carer holding the hand of an elderly woman
Young lady in wheelchair looking out of a window

Disability care

Our technology is designed for everyone

Circadacare’s care monitoring systems could benefit anyone living with reduced exposure to sunlight, whether that’s in supported living facilities or living at home.

Find out how combined circadian lighting and home monitoring could help.

Technology enabled care

Interoperability for connected care

Technology Enabled Care is vital to ensure we provide the best care possible. Our technology is firmly embedded in Connected Care while embracing all aspects of this framework, completing the circle from Assistive Technologies, through to providing outputs to inform both Formal and Informal Networks. This infrastructure is built to be interoperable, capable of integrating with other third-party technologies and platforms. Our platform delivers both environmental and behavioural monitoring, as well as the necessary analytics, trend analysis and reporting.

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