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For Independent Living

Help your loved ones remain in the comfort of their homes for longer

Independent living technology

For comfort and peace of mind

Most people wish to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible. Heleos, Circadacare’s independent living technology, helps them to do so by supporting their natural circadian rhythm and providing accurate monitoring that gives families and carers peace of mind.

The concern experienced by families and caregivers about the safety and wellbeing of loved ones can significantly elevate stress levels. Our system silently monitors without causing disruption to daily life, detecting notable changes in behaviour and alerting caregivers early to check-in on individuals receiving care.  

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Inspired by nature

What is Circadian lighting technology?

Circadian lighting technology supports the body’s natural circadian rhythm which is vital for psychological and physical wellbeing. It is proven to significantly improve health and wellbeing, including:  

  • Improved day/night cycles

  • Improved cognition & engagement

  • Reduced falls

  • Alleviated ‘sundowning*’ or end of day distress

  • Regulated cortisol & melatonin cycles

Our solution

How can Heleos help?

Heleos integrates proven circadian lighting technology with a unique personalised monitoring platform to deliver an effective home care solution that enables people to live independently for longer, improving wellbeing and independence.


The power of Heleos is hidden in a light bulb, offering a cost-effective, easy-to-install smart lamp for minimal disruption and peace of mind. Heleos silently monitors behaviour and uses AI pattern and activity detection to alert carers of any notable changes. This enables care providers to detect early warning signs and provide the right support when it’s needed.


Heleos requires zero handling by the individual receiving care, with no additional sensors or wearables.

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100% positive feedback 

Our technology is used in care homes to improve the wellbeing of residents and reduce falls, and it is now available for use in people’s homes. 100% of Circadacare customers agree that our lighting technology has made a positive difference to the daily lives of individuals experiencing the technology.

Our partners
Reliable, trusted technology
Circadacare is a leading independent living technology company with over 30 years of combined experience using circadian light to improve wellbeing, underpinned by pioneering research into the intrinsic links between circadian rhythm and neuroscience. Our cutting-edge algorithms are designed for trustworthiness, providing valuable insights that can help inform care professionals about an individual's situation in a timely manner.
We have forged strategic partnerships with leading academic institutions, underpinning our commitment to developing technology grounded in rigorous scientific validation.
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